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recyclable objects made into a dog, and four small scale people out off cans, watering cans and other materials


If you reuse something it means that it will last longer and won’t get thrown away. When you reuse, you use less natural resources and also save the energy that is needed to make new stuff.


Meet Rosie Re-use and see how she re-uses stuff!


Rosie is mad about re-using so before she throws anything away she asks herself, “What could I do with this?” She is a very creative person with her own distinctive style! She is a regular visitor to charity shops looking for ‘good as new’ items that don’t cost much. She even found her baby’s pushchair at a car boot sale!


  • Everything Rosie is made from has been used before. What can you see that used to be something else?
  • Rosie is very creative and likes to make her own jewellery. Could you design your own using items that you no longer need?
  • Where do you think Rosie might get her milk from to make sure she can re-use the bottles?
  • She made her designer handbag using an old coat hanger, corks and old fabric. What about making your own bags at school from recycled materials?
  • Can you see what baby Raoul’s arms are made from and what sort of nappy he is wearing? It can’t be a disposable one surely? More info on nappies here.
  • What do you think Rosie does with her clothes when she no longer needs them? How many ways can you think of to stop clothes going to waste?
  • In her bag there is a letter to the scrapstore in a reused envelope, water in an old bottle and some recycled loo roll too! The scrapstore aka Recreate Social Enterprise is based in Ipswich, click here to go to thier website


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How else can you Reuse?


There are lots of easy ways you can reuse at school from using old jars for pencil pots to organising a jumble sale. You will find many more ideas here. Find out how you can reuse your food leftovers creatively with our Love Food Hate Waste page here.


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Rebel facing right, dog made of re-use materials, bottles, cardboard, cartons
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