If there is still waste left over after we have reduced, reused and recycled as much as we can, we can use it to make energy at our energy-from-waste (EfW) facility. This process is known as Recovery. Non-recyclable waste is used as a fuel to heat up water to make steam, which powers the turbine to produce electricity. The site produces enough energy to power 30,000 homes, which is equivalent to a town the size of Lowestoft. To find out more about how the energy-from-waste plant works click here.


Heat can also be used to power local businesses and a proposal for some large scale greenhouses is currently in the planning stage. The EfW project has provided many jobs for local people in the construction and running of the site.


You can watch a speeded up film of the site being built here from images taken using time lapse photography.


Schools can visit the newly designed visitor centre, which explores issues around waste, energy and the environment as well as showing how the energy from waste process works.



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