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recyclable objects made into a dog, and four small scale people out off cans, watering cans and other materials


Recycling saves energy and resources. By recycling one tin can you could save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours! It also reduces the need for new materials, which is great news if you want the Earth's resources to last a little longer!


Meet Robin Recycle and his dog Rebel!


Robin and Rebel are mad about recycling. They love anything that’s made from plastic, paper, cardboard, metal or cartons and they know how important it is to preserve the world’s resources by making the stuff we already have last longer.

  • Take a good look at them and see if you can see at least ten different items you can recycle at home or at school?
  • What are their heads made from? They do say owners and their dogs look alike!
  • Take a look at our recycling webpage to find out what you can recycle at home
  • Check out our recycling A-Z here to find out what else you can recycle. Let us know if there is something you need to know and can't find.
  • Make it a class challenge to see who can find the most interesting recycling facts from other recycling websites.
  • Find out more about what happens to materials when they are recycled.
  • What else can you recycle at the recycling banks and Household Waste Recycling Centres in Suffolk? Our Suffolk Recycles has more information here. You could make a list or poster to display in school to encourage everyone to recycle and don't forget to send us a picture!
  • Make sure you are recycling everything you can at school. Find out what you can recycle in your area.



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How else can you recycle?


Use your classroom recycling bins to recycle as much as you can and don’t forget the kitchen and staff room too. Could you recycle fruit and vegetable scraps at your school by composting or even cooked food if you have a food digester system? Find out more about recycling food waste on our composting pages here and find out what happens to your recycling here.


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Rebel facing left, dog made of re-use materials, bottles, cardboard, cartons
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