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recyclable objects made into a dog, and four small scale people out off cans, watering cans and other materials


This is the first and most important of the 4Rs.


If we reduce the amount of rubbish we create, by making what we already have last longer and thinking carefully about the things we buy, then we will have less waste to dispose of in the first place.


See how Reggie reduces his rubbish!


Reggie really wants to save the planet and reduce his carbon footprint so he is really careful to make sure he makes as little rubbish as he possibly can. Take a good look at him to see how he does it!


  • He has a watering can head and plant pot legs. What do you think he likes doing and what might he grow to reduce waste and why?
  • His hair is a replaceable mop head. That means he doesn’t need to buy a whole new mop when it runs out. Can you think of anything else you can buy with replacement parts?
  • What’s on the top of his head? How do you think Reggie gets around and why is this good for the environment?
  • His body is made from a wormery. What does he make in here?
  • His arms and legs are made of pipe insulation. What does this help him reduce?
  • He is wearing a patchwork waistcoat made from cut up old clothes. What else could you do with old clothes?
  • He is wearing a tool belt with screwdrivers and other tools and knows how to mend things. It's better to repair things instead of throwing them away.
  • His reusable bag says ‘Slim your Bin’. Use reusable bags rather than carrier bags or could you put your bin on a rubbish diet?
  • Inside his bag there is a low energy light bulb, a letter for the Mail Preference Service to stop junk mail and an empty bottle of washing up liquid for refilling. Click here to go to the Mail Preference Service (MPS) page.
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What we buy and how we dispose of it has an environmental impact – can you follow Reggie’s example and think of other ways to reduce your waste and help make Suffolk a great place to live?


How else can you Reduce?


There are lots of simple ways you can reduce your waste at home and at school. Try making birthday cards from stuff you already have or grow food in your school garden (and eat it!) to avoid supermarket packaging. You can find more ideas to reduce waste hereFind out how to reduce your food waste on our Love Food Hate Waste page here.


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Rebel facing right, dog made of re-use materials, bottles, cardboard, cartons
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