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Love Food Hate Waste

Do you know how many slices of bread are thrown away every day? Up to 25 million! - That's a pretty unbelievable amount, so use your loaf and make sure you eat up all your sandwiches at lunchtime so you don't waste food!


In Suffolk, nearly 1/3 of all the waste in our rubbish bins is food. This a terrible waste and it costs an average family around £700 a year! Imagine what your family could do if you saved that much?


In the UK we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes each year. When we waste food, we also waste the energy, water and packaging involved in producing, transporting and storing the food.


Take a look at our Food Savvy campaign here to find out what is happening across Suffolk and how you can get involved.


You could also check out the Love Food Hate Waste campaign here for lots of hints and tips on how to make the most of the food we buy and cut down on the amount of good food thrown away.


What can you do at school to reduce food waste?


  • Look at how much food gets wasted at your school and try to work out ways to prevent it.
  • Could you talk to your school kitchen staff to see if they could help?
  • Organise a waste free lunch day once a week
  • Make more compost for the school garden with fruit and vegetable peelings


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