Kids with there dinosaur made out off re-use materials


Test yourself in our FUN & GAMES section or why not get crafty with recycled materials in the MAKE IT page. Are you a recycling champion? Find out in our TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE quiz! Have you ever wondered where the recycled materials end up or how materials are recycled, why not ASK US? Lastly, find out WHAT YOU CAN DO to make the world a greener healthier place :) 


re-use dog made out of bottles tins, with writing 'Ask Us' above it
text saying 'Fun & Games' and picture of re-use animal
text 'Make It' with made pot to hold plant
text 'Test Your Knowledge' with picture of bin below
text 'What Can You Do' with picture of r-usable bag below
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Rebel facing right, dog made of re-use materials, bottles, cardboard, cartons
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