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Kids with there dinosaur made out off re-use materials

Make It

If you love making things, why not try out some of the fun ideas below...


Make a useful notebook from scraps of paper and old wrappers.


You will need:


Scrap paper (as long as the paper has one blank side it will be fine to use)
Stapler or treasury tags and hole punch
Sweet/ chocolate wrappers
Marker pens
Self-adhesive magnet (optional)




1. Trim paper so that the sheets are similar sizes and staple together, or hole punch and use the treasury tags.
2. Cut shapes from the sweet wrappers and use to decorate the cover.
3. You can add a magnet to the back so that the notebook can be stuck onto a magnetic surface.



Re-use a 2 litre bottle as a fun suncatcher.


You will need:


2 litre soft drinks bottle
Good pair of scissors
Foil scraps (e.g. sweet wrappers) and glitter
PVA glue and spreader




1. Cut a short length of the plastic bottle (ask an adult to help with this as the plastic can be quite tough)
2. Make a series of cuts about 2 cm apart.
3. Curl each piece of plastic back on itself.
4. Decorate the suncatcher by gluing on scraps of foil, glitter etc.
5. When it’s dry, attach a piece of string and hang the suncatcher in a sunny spot indoors.

(Why not use the rest of the bottle as a mini greenhouse to help seedlings to grow, as a pot for pens or as a mini composter or wormery?)


Sock Monster 

Transform an odd sock into a fantastic monster! Find out how to do this here


You will need:


  • One old sock
  • Filling
  • 2 buttons
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Pair of scissors


Paper Pots

Make your own little plant pots out of a yoghurt pot and newspaper! Full instructions are here


You will need:


  • Small yogurt drinks pot
  • Sheet of newspaper (approximately 39x30cm)
  • Plastic container, e.g. recycled ice cream tub or fruit container
  • Potting compost
  • Seeds


Fridge Friend

Create a magnet to use on the fridge for pinning up those important notes!


You will need:


  • An unwanted flat magnet (e.g. flat ones that businesses use to advertise on)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Recycled crafty bits (plastic bags, corks etc. whatever you fancy)




1. Have a look at what materials you have and decide what design you want your magnet to be. Remember your magnet can’t be too heavy or it will not stick to the fridge!

2. Cut the magnet into you preferred shape then decorate by sticking your recycled bits with glue or sticky tape.

3. Pop it on the fridge and use it to pin up all your important messages so you don’t forget things!


Plastic bottle pan pipes

Make your own muscial instrument out of old plastic bottles.


You will need:


  • Empty plastic bottles (600 ml size or smaller)
  • Water
  • Tape (optional)




1. Line up your plastic bottles and add varying amounts of water to each one. The more water in the bottle the lower the pitch will be.

2. You can tape the bottles together in a line so you can pick your pan pipes up or you can leave them on the table.

3. You make the sound by blowing across the top of the bottles; alter the amount of water in the bottles to get the sound you want. 


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