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Sock Monster

To transform an odd sock into a fantastic monster follow the steps below:


You will need:


  • One old sock
  • Filling
  • 2 buttons
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Pair of scissors




1. Turn the sock inside out and lay it out flat - heel facing upwards.
2. Cut a 2cm straight line down from the toe end (this will form the two ears).



3. Cut a strip from the cuff of the sock (this will form the arms). Put this to one side to use later.
4. Cut a straight line up from the bottom of the sock (this will form the two legs).



5. Sew around the ears and around one leg.
6. Turn the sock to the right side through the unsewn leg and stuff with filling.


7. Sew around the 2nd leg.
8. Take the strip put to the side earlier. Cut in half.



9. Take one of these pieces and sew around 2 of the sides on the reverse. Turn right side out and stuff with filling (this forms an arm).
10. Sew to the side of the monster. Repeat with the 2nd arm.



11. Pull the heel out to form lips. Sew, pulling the thread up and down to secure the shape.
12. Sew on buttons to form eyes.



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