Kids with there dinosaur made out off re-use materials

Test your knowledge

What percentage of rubbish in the average Suffolk bin is food waste?
How often does the average person in the UK throw away their own body weight in rubbish?
How much of the newsprint in the UK is made of recycled paper?
How many tonnes of cartons do we use in the UK every year?
The energy from waste facility near Ipswich will produce enough energy to power 33,000 households. Which Suffolk town has that many houses?
How much energy is saved by recycling aluminium cans?
By recycling one glass bottle, how long could you power a laptop for?
Each year in Suffolk we throw away on average 1,500 tonnes of plastic bottles. That's about the same as how many Indian elephants?
Worms are great at eating organic wasteand turning it into compost. Each day they can eat their own body weight several times over! Can you guess how many times?
How many steel cans is it possible to produce from recycling one clothes iron?
Well done! You have completed the schools recycling quiz. You are now a recycling champion!
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Rebel facing left, dog made of re-use materials, bottles, cardboard, cartons
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