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Kids with there dinosaur made out off re-use materials

What can you do?


  • Join the Eco Group or set up a Waste Action group to reduce waste in school
  • Set up a notice board to let everyone know what is going on waste wise!
  • Write an article for the school newsletter outlining what your school is doing to reduce waste and email us a copy
  • Join the gardening club to grow veggies and eat them (No packaging or air miles!)
  • Help organise a waste audit to find out how much waste your school makes and see if you can cut down – don’t forget the school kitchen!


  • Have a scrap paper drawer in your class and make sure everyone knows where it is
  • Set up re-use bins around school to collect and re-use left over arts/craft/display materials that could be used again
  • Re-use old jam jars/containers to store crayons and other items in your classroom
  • Ask your teacher to set up collections for reusable items such as textiles, mobile phones, printer cartridges – you could raise money for your school or for charity
  • Organise a second hand uniform sale, jumble sale or a swap shop for clothes, books and other items.
  • Give to and buy from charity shops – you might find a real gem!


  • Ask your teacher to find out if the school buys recycled products and if it is possible to get more e.g. paper, toilet rolls, pencils
  • Hold a school assembly on recycling
  • Recruit Recycling Monitors from each class
  • Make sure all school bins are clearly labelled for recycling, compost and non-recyclables
  • Make sure that everyone knows what goes in them – design a poster to help!
  • Send us some photos of all the good things you are doing in school. Email us at
  • Use the Suffolk Recycles' A-Z of recycling to find out about everything you can recycle


  • Help your teacher to set up a classroom composting scheme to collect fruit waste
  • Would it be possible to collect fruit and vegetable waste in the school kitchen and dining hall?
  • Raise funds to buy a wormery- worms make good school pets!
  • Start composting waste from your school garden
  • Send us a photo of your garden /compost system at school. Email us at


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Rebel facing right, dog made of re-use materials, bottles, cardboard, cartons
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