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waste information board with information on how much waste throw away teaching at a school

Extended learning


Use waste audit (see lesson plan) data in Numeracy and ICT

  • Plot the data using bar charts to compare recycling, composting and residual waste totals for different classes
  • Compare this term's waste audit data to previous term's data - are some classes recycling more/less? Is the school recycling more/less? Is the school producing more /less waste? Suggest reasons for the differences.
  • Discuss data, "How can the school reduce and reuse waste as well as recycle and compost?”


Investigate waste management systems across the world - Geography/Citizenship

  • How do other countries deal with their waste?
  • Compare UK with other European countries and USA
  • What about developing countries? e.g. India/China
  • Compare different countries carbon/ecological footprints
  • Debating global issues - how can we manage environments more sustainably?     


Investigate how we used to deal with waste in the past - History

  • Look at waste management from different periods in history - incorporate into topics such as WW2/Victorians/Romans/Saxons etc.
  • How has waste changed over the last 50 years/100 years/500 years etc.?
  • Investigate the history of paper making (find paper making activity here)


Investigate the science of composting - Science (plus Numeracy/ICT/Geography)

  • Investigate the cycle of decomposition - compare/contrast with lifecycles of plants/animals
  • Investigate how long different items take to decompose
  • How/why does compost help plants grow? - set up growing experiments to compare plant growth with/without compost
  • Plot results in bar charts - link to Maths/ICT
  • How do other cultures deal with their organic waste? - link to Geography


 Investigate a waste related campaign (e.g. banning  plastic carrier bags) - Literacy and Citizenship

  • Evaluate a news article by a Guardian journalist reporting on the quantity of plastic in the world's oceans. See ‘Full scale of plastic in the world's oceans revealed for first time’ available here.
  • Design an awareness poster illustrating the harmful effects this can have on our environment
  • A ban of free single use carrier bags was enforced in England in October 2015. Design a leaflet or video that tries to persuade people to support such a ban and use alternatives - consider who would object to such a ban and why and develop counter arguments that could be used against such objections.


                 Here is a list of resources which might help your investigation


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