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Lesson Plans

Key Stage 1


Marvellous Materials


Aims: To identify and describe common materials. Also to learn what can be recycled and how recycling benefits the environment.


Key Stage 1 / 2


Elmer Saves The World


Aims: To offer a fun and informative session that enables children to develop their creativity, imagination and story-writing skills, whilst learning how to re-use their own waste materials as resources for creative work.


Key Stage 2





Aims: To understand what litter is and what problems it can cause. Also to take part in a litter pick and understand the benefit this will have on the community.


Paper Making


Aims:To offer an informative hands-on session that enables children to investiagate where and how paper can be recycled.


Waste Audit


Aims: To offer an informative session that enables children to become aware of the amount of waste produced within the class/ school, what happens to this waste, and how to put systems in place to reduce it.


Spin the Bottle Recycling Game


Aims: To discuss what can and can’t be recycled in Suffolk and how choices we make have an impact. Also to discuss the importance of waste disposal on the environment.

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